Miracle Fruit Health Benefits

Food Enhancer:

Everyone can enjoy the miracle fruit! Whether you are throwing a "tasting party" or finally getting your children to eat their veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.), people will talk about the unique miracle fruit experience for weeks.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Want to lower your sugar intake and eat healthy? Now you can make sweet desserts (such as strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue, rhubarb pie, and many more) without using sugar or artificial sweeteners. Make all-natural lemonade or limeade with just fruit and water. Don’t forget to take a Miracle Frootie tablet beforehand, and make sure the food includes a flavor that normally tastes sour or tart. Miracle Frooties are natural and contain no artificial sweeteners or additives.

Weight Loss:

Miracle Frooties have 0% fat and are a great natural help with weight-loss. They will help you change your lifestyle - you will find you eat more fruit and vegetables, and have no need for sugar. You can sweeten your tea, drinks and desserts with lemon or orange juice instead of sugar!


Lemons taste like candy, strawberries are sinfully delicious, and many bland sugar-free desserts become mouth-watering treats.

Chemotherapy and other Patients:

Dr. Mike Cusnir, an oncologist at Mount Sinai's Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami Beach, Florida, is conducting the first clinical study of the benefits of miracle fruit for cancer patients whose chemo drugs leave an unpleasant metallic taste in their mouth. This nasty side effect can cause patients to lose weight during a crucial time. When taken before each meal, the miracle fruit can mask the metallic taste and improve the eating experience. According to Dr. Cusnir, ''Calorie intake is important for a better prognosis. If patients become malnourished, they lose their resistance and their organs can suffer.'' (The Miami Herald, 3/13/2009)

Unfortunately, this miracle doesn't work for everyone undergoing chemo. According to Cusnir’s preliminary study, miracle fruit improved the metallic taste from chemotherapy in about 70% of participants. (CNN video, 3/25/2009)

Miracle Fruit May Help Cancer Patients Fight Malnutrition

Researchers suggest that the “miracle berry” might help prevent malnutrition in diabetics as well as cancer patients who experience a metallic taste and loss of appetite from chemotherapy.

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Miracle Berry Might Help
Cancer Patients Get Back
Their Appetites

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Diabetes, Cancer, Medication, and Miracle Fruits

Medical patients who have to forgo sweet foods and those who are under heavy medication often have to put up with tasteless food or an altered perception of taste due to medication.

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